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JSC Enterprises does Heating Repair in Stockbridge Ga. Have you ever noticed how heating systems like furnaces & heat pumps NEVER break down in the summer, do they? Unfortunately, they seem to break down at the worst possible time… Like when it’s is freezing out and you can’t get a hold of a reputable heating contractor in Stockbridge. That is where we come in. JSC Enterprises wants to help. We can help with any heater repair.


We provide the following services.

Here at JSC Enterprises we aim to give 5 Star service for heat and air

There are many contractors to choose from. We are heating repair contractor near you.

Our hope is that if we knock your socks off with friendly, prompt, affordable service you will use us for the additional home & commercial services we provide. We want to be your heating contractor for many years to come. We also hope you will be so happy with our heating repair in Stockbridge that you will gladly refer us to your neighbors, friends and family.

Looking for heating and air repair near me? We are ready to help.

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Cheryl would love to answer all of your questions. She will also explain what you can expect when a HVAC technician comes to your home, restaurant, store or office. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

We are near McDonough, GA and only 14 minutes from Stockbridge.